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NPORS Courses

nporslogoNPORS is the alternative to the CPCS accreditation and the card lasts for 5 years from the day you successfully complete the assessments

The NPORS operator registration card is produced for an individual who has successfully completed practical and knowledge assessments on the categories shown on the back of the card. This shows that they have achieved a level of competence to operate the item on the card.

As well as in-house training for machines/plant and equipment we also offer other short courses. Again these can be delivered at our training centre or your premises, we are totally flexible and endeavour to meet your needs.

NPORS  offers more flexibility on test location please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Abrasive Wheels

Forward Tipping Dumper

Telehandler Novice NPORS

Vehicle Marshal NPORS

Lorry Loader Novice NPORS

Lorry Loader Refresher NPORS

CAT and Genny

Quick Hitch

Counterbalance Novice NPORS

Counterbalance Refresher NPORS

Reach Novice NPORS

Reach Refresher NPORS

Narrow Aisle Novice NPORS

Narrow Aisle Refresher NPORS

Order Picker Novice NPORS

Order Picker Refresher NPORS

Pallet Stacker Novice NPORS

Pallet Stacker Refresher NPORS

Rough Terrain Novice NPORS

Rough Terrain Refresher NPORS

Side Loader Novice NPORS

Side Loader Refresher NPORS