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SITA IBA Processing Plant

Working as the Main Contractor for SITA Tees Valley Ltd, Owen Pugh undertook the following works to create a new Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) Processing Plant at Haverton Hill.

SITA (UK) Ltd operates the household and commercial waste incinerator at Haverton Hill, Teesside; where waste material is burnt to produce power which is fed back into the national grid.  As part of the licencing agreement to expand the current three working lines to five, additional capacity was required for the processing of waste IBA material into construction aggregates.

Owen Pugh delivered the civil works package for the new IBA Processing Plant which comprises of the construction of 22,000m2 of reinforced concrete slab, 1,500m2 steel portal frame process building, surface water drainage lagoon to contain 1 in 100 year storm on site, service connections and modular accommodation building.

Owen Pugh delivered the works as a design build package working closely with BGP LLP Consulting Engineers.  An economical design package was delivered with significant value engineering gains through detailed earthworks design to produce a zero cut design which eliminated the disturbance of the previously remediated chemical works.  Concrete slabs were significantly reduced in depth by working closely with Ballast Phoenix, the process operating company, to integrate the cementicious properties of the IBA fill material produced by the current works.

With careful management of project funding and successful delivery we were awarded significant additional works to construct road widening works to the main Energy from Waste Plant.  Craig Burdis, SITA Project Manager, stated:

“We’re delighted to be working with Owen Pugh on what is our first major civil engineering project.  Health and safety is a key priority for us and Owen Pugh’s approach to site safety is aligned with our own high standards.  Their quality management processes and value engineering were also key deciding factors when awarding the contract.”

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