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Nissan Battery Plant

The new Nissan Battery Plant has been constructed on an old tip within the Nissan compound. The poor material required additional excavation to ensure the bearing capacity specification was adhered to.  An additional 26,000m3 of clay was hauled to the new tip location; meaning in total 58,000m3 of spoil was excavated and hauled the 3km route to the new tip – through the Nissan internal roads. The roads were kept spotlessly clean at all times to ensure minimum disruption to Nissan.

To build the levels back up an additional 16,000m3 of capping 6F5 was imported, laid and compacted in line with highway specifications.  This was all completed in line with relevant specifications and was overseen by a full time resident engineer who signed off all of the Owen Pugh works.

The building footprint, surrounding roads and landscaped areas were all set out using state-of-the-art GPS and laser guided machinery.  All levels were checked by Sir Robert McAlpine’s engineers – without a single discrepancy.

SRM were working to a very tight program as laid down by Nissan UK. Regardless of the vast amount of additional works (almost doubling the original BoQ volumes) Owen Pugh completed their works within 7 weeks for the building areas and 10 weeks for the externals – maintaining SRM’s tight program schedule.

Nissan Battery Plant 2
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