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New Coated Stone Plant

New Coated Stone Plant, Paradise Works

Project Information

Earthworks to form new access road to lower level coating plant from Newcastle Business Park entrance require new retaining wall and excavation of 4500m3 of material

Earthworks strategy to remove large inert material from excavated material by screening and then crushed for use as capping.

Permanent works:            

RC retaining wall upto 8m high 100m long, CFA piles to coating Plant, RC Pile caps and spread foundations, New Access Roads and Drainage , Bitumen Delivery area use of shut off valve to drainage network and surface storage to remove need for 20000litre full retention interceptor.


Owen Pugh’s Designer was HBPW Consulting. A close relationship developed over a number of years with practise specialising with Design & Build and Contractor alternative design.  Proven track record of economic design and practical approach to construction.  RC walls designed with 20m pour lengths with close attention to crack control, detailing of reinforcement to allow prefix for a number of elements (Retaining wall downstand, wall panel reinforcement).

Design management and development between Associate and Site Agent to optimise structural elements and minimise earthworks to reduce surplus material to minimum.

Jp Coated Stone Plant
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