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Laying drainage pipelines has always been one of Owen Pugh’s main activity and  includes laying and maintaining foul and storm drains with all associated works, carried out by our experienced workforce. We also have some experience in pipe-jacking, which is a trenchless method of installing pipework.

We have undertaken many forms of concrete construction from structural foundations, and industrial flooring, to complex walled structures such as flow chambers for pumping stations.

In all operations, Owen Pugh  places great importance on the safety of those working on the project, the quality of the communications and reporting systems and also on reducing the environmental impact of our work.

Many drainage, sewerage, ducting and trenching projects have been completed by Owen Pugh  over the last 30 years. We have the resources necessary to carry out any pipeline contract from a few thousand up to a value of £6million with our own labour and plant.

Experience includes working with ductile iron, concrete, clay and plastic pipes for both potable and foul water. Ducting and cable laying in all types of ground conditions and environments.