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Owen Pugh is preparing the foundations for its own future by choosing the next generation of managers to take the business forward.

Our chairman, John Dickson has personally selected a number of staff working at all levels across the group to receive tailored training to help them develop as decision-makers.

“We have a proud record of continually investing in our staff and we see this as the next logical stage of that development,” said Mr Dickson.

“We are in our 70th year now and we have been able to offer our customers a particularly high level of service throughout that time because we have had the right people in the right positions from top to bottom of our organisation.

“With our rate of growth, it becomes increasingly important to plan ahead as far as possible and these managers will help us do that as efficiently as possible.”

Owen Pugh ran the course for the first time last year and the latest tranche of 14 staff have just started one day per month of training for the next year.  Ten of the candidates are working towards a valuable BTEC Diploma in leadership with four undergoing the training element.

One of the people chosen by Mr Dickson as one of his rising stars is Submissions & Marketing Co-ordinator Erin McGowran, who is looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m planning a long-term career with Owen Pugh, so I was really pleased to be part of this latest intake on the programme. It’s a great opportunity to learn management skills that I hope to put into practice as I develop within the business.”

The unique approach has been developed with Owen Pugh’s training partners KT Associates, based in Stockton.

Founding Partner Kit Lofthouse said the programme would have long-reaching benefits for the company.

“Owen Pugh has identified these staff members as leaders for the future and are delivering a key piece of training to equip them for this role in advance of promotion – this in itself is very forward thinking and potentially unique in this sector.”

KT Associates is also working with Owen Pugh to create and deliver a number of other training programmes including a Senior Management Programme which is also underway

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