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Waste & Recycled Aggregates


Our licensed landfill site at Marsden Quarry accepts inert waste such as clean, uncontaminated sub-soils, stones and clay.  A full list of acceptable wastes can be found below.

List of Permitted Wastes

Waste can only be accepted at Marsden Quarry landfill if the basic waste characterisation shows that it is inert without the need for further testing. A Waste Characterisation Form can be provided on request and this should be made available to our Waste Management Team along with other pertinent documentation such as waste analyses.

A Waste Transfer Note must accompany the waste and be provided to the weighbridge on arrival at the landfill.

Marsden Landfill PPC Permit


A proportion of the inert waste material brought into Marsden Quarry for landfill is capable of being recycled to create recycled secondary aggregates for use in the construction industry throughout the north east of England.

Such materials are set aside in a purpose built designated area on the floor of the quarry. This material is then processed through crushing and screening when sufficient volume has been collected. The resultant secondary aggregate is stockpiled ready for sale as recycled granular sub base and capping. Testing conducted by our on-site materials laboratory ensures that all recycled aggregates comply with the requirements of the WRAP Quality Protocol.

The recycling of secondary aggregates permits a more diverse and economical use of the quarry, in addition to supplying an alternative product that the lorries can backhaul from the site.

Central Government and EU policy is to encourage the greatest possible use of alternatives to primary aggregates, something which the company is keen to contribute to within the region, whilst also improving our sustainability from demolition through to the sale of construction materials.