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Quarry Restoration Scheme

Marsden Quarry operates a licensed inert waste landfill site as part of the long term Quarry Restoration Scheme approved by South Tyneside Council, as the Mineral Planning Authority, in December 2004.

As the quarry is ‘worked out,’ inert waste is brought in to replace the excavated stone.  Waste material is deposited and compacted in layers and then landscaped in accordance with the approved contours to recreate the natural limestone grassland present before quarrying started.

Our long term commitment to the restoration scheme began in 2005, when inert materials recycled from construction projects across the region began being used to refill our quarry and reform the landscape to approved contours and landform. The approved end uses of the restoration strategy are to create open limestone grassland that shall cater for a diverse nature conservation and wildlife habitat.

Following the completion of each phase of restoration a program of effective aftercare management works shall also be carried out for a minimum of the statutory 5 years period in accord with an approved plan. This shall then be ‘rolled over’ until the full site has been completely restored and passed through the management period.

Inert waste is material that will not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformation after burial; in other words, it will not bio-degrade. Therefore, the deposition of waste materials in Marsden Quarry will not result in any harm to the environment. Typically this waste material will include builders’ rubble, stones, sub-soils and clay.

Restoration Masterplan