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Owen Pugh is a leading supplier of construction aggregates and agricultural limestone from our quarry on the north east coast located near Whitburn, just to the north of Sunderland. Marsden Quarry has been working in excess of one hundred years, since around the turn of the 20th century.  Associated with the site are the lime kilns present to the eastern boundary which were formerly used to produce burnt or quick lime. The kilns are of historical importance to the region and are designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The quarry itself provides a range of primary and recycled construction aggregates, including type 1 sub-base, pipe beddings and clean stone that supply markets throughout the north east of England.

Our agricultural limestone includes both calcium lime and magnesium lime, and is quarried for its agricultural and soil improvement benefits. We distribute over 100,000 tonnes per year of agricultural limestone across the UK and export into the northern European agricultural industry.

In addition to quarrying and aggregate supply, we also offer waste management solutions including recycling and a landfill restoration scheme. Our long term commitment to the restoration scheme began in 2005, when inert materials recycled from construction projects across the region began being used to refill our quarry and reform the landscape to approved contours. The long term restoration strategy of the site is to create an open limestone grassland similar to that present prior to when quarrying began that shall cater for a diverse nature conservation and wildlife habitat.

Our on-site materials laboratory provides a range of aggregate testing and in situ testing, operating to UKAS accredited procedures and test methods to ensure materials comply with relevant specifications for construction and civil engineering use. Our highly skilled technicians and quality testing methods have established us as a reliable and trusted partner, delivering independent, accurate test results on time and on budget.

Our customers include local authorities, civil engineers and construction industry contractors. We work in partnership with each customer to provide industrial expertise, first class service and logistics solutions to each unique project. As a major supplier, we aim to fulfill your contract, whatever the size, within commercial deadlines and budgets.